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    About Léas

    Léas is little candle shop created by Hannah and Niall. 

    We created Léas as a result of our love of simple, natural candles. When we struggled find an easy way to choose and gift the perfect candle to a cherished friend we decided to create our very own candle library online.

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    Beautiful. Simple. Sustainable.

    We choose to work with studios that place as much importance on the purity of their ingredients and sustainability practices as they do on their fragrances. These studios we feature will create products that match our criteria of beautiful, simple and sustainable. This means our customers can rely on our product range - always.

    our story

    Taking Care

    As we started sourcing our range we realised even a tiny shop like ours could do some good. We reached out to the lovely team at Green Sod Ireland - an initiative we came across when we moved to Connemara last year.

    The purpose of Green Sod Ireland is to protect and conserve Irish land in perpetuity, for the sake of its indigenous inhabitants for present and future generations. Athnuachan ceantair fiáine na hÉireann le chéile."

    With every ten Léas candles sold we donate to Green Sod Ireland's Save a Sod campaign.

    our story

    Our Promise

    When creating our online store we knew we wanted to promise beautiful, sustainable candles carefully crafted from natural ingredients, aromatherapy grade oils, simple packaging and prompt delivery across Ireland. Inspired by Connemara's landscape we want to source only the most gorgeous, natural candles. This can often mean looking outside of Ireland where many candles are still made with parrafin wax - the colourless solid derived from petrol, coal or oil.