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CÈDAR PROVENCE. Eucalyptus, Nutmeg + Cedar Spice.

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'Cèdar Provence' 
Eucalyptus, Nutmeg + Cedar Spice
This woody fragrance is less classic and expected than other cedar fragrances. 'Cèdar Provence' draws its inspiration from the fauna of the South and charms with its spicy and woody fragrance with notes of cedar, clove, nutmeg and rose.


Top note Eucalyptus, Thyme
Heart note Clove, Nutmeg, Rose
Base note Cedar, Spice

Designed in Paris and handmade in the Grasse region, Maison Maison scented candles are designed to embody the places you love - cosy lounges, bedrooms or even offices. Founded by Jordan Tison who was driven by a desire to travel, the brand has crafted its first collection of candles whose names speak for themselves. Natural, GMO-free plant-based wax and cotton wick are contained in a transparent glass that you will be able to reuse and recycle once you have enjoyed 60 hours of blissful aromatherapy.

Never leave your candle unattended.

First Burn.
To avoid 'tunnelling' (where wax burns unevenly) burn your candle for a minimum of one hour the first time you light it.

Burn For Four Hours Max.
After burning for a maximum of four hours, extinguish your candle and allow to to cool for two hours before trimming the wick and relighting. This ensures more even burning and a longer lifespan.

Trim The Wick.
Every time you extinguish the candle allow it to cool to room temperature. Then trim the wick by half a centimeter before relighting. This presents soot from forming.