COCONUT NECTAR. Milky Coconut & Vanilla Musk.

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Coconut Nectar 
Milky Coconut & Vanilla Musk

Milky notes blend with creamy coconut and pineapple. A heart of gentle flowers over a strong and complex vanilla musk blend. Reminiscent of hot summer midday sun. 50 hour burn time (280g).

Sweet - Aromatic

Top Coconut
Sweet Pineapple, Summer Wildflowers
Vanilla Musk

    wxy's hand poured candles contain no animal derived materials or parabens. They use recyclable materials wherever possible, and virtually no plastics. For great, clean burning results, wxy use 100% palm-free, soy wax. wxy's candles have a 50 hour burn time (280g/10oz).

    The beautiful, miniamilst, smooth concrete vessels are designed in the wxy. studio. They are an elegant addition to any room making a beautiful vase or plant pot once the candle has been burned in full.

    Never leave your candle unattended.

    First Burn.
    To avoid 'tunnelling' (where wax burns unevenly) burn your candle for a minimum of one hour the first time you light it.

    Burn For Four Hours Max.
    After burning for a maximum of four hours, extinguish your candle and allow to to cool for two hours before trimming the wick and relighting. This ensures more even burning and a longer lifespan.

    Trim The Wick.
    Every time you extinguish the candle allow it to cool to room temperature. Then trim the wick by half a centimeter before relighting. This presents soot from forming.